Al-Andalus 2016!

Al-Andalus: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Medieval Spain

Saturday January 30, 2016, 9-5, Bob Wright Theatre, Uvic

Christian and Muslim playing chess,
from The Book of Games of Alfonso X, el Sabio, c. 1285.


Thank you for joining us for a day in Al-Andalus. A medieval Muslim cultural domain and territory, Al-Andalus occupied at its greatest geographical extent, in the eighth century, southern France and the Iberian Peninsula. Between 711 and 1492, this region of Europe was exceptional for its mix of cultures and religions: often cited as an example of toleration and dialogue, always evoked for the richness of its scientific and artistic legacies, Al-Andalus conjures images of beautiful gardens and palaces (the Alhambra), of ambitious scholarly translations, of scientific progress, of vibrant music and dance, and of sophisticated geometrical art.
Check the official website . Contact the program of Medieval Studies to sign up and the Faculty of Continuing Studies to enquire about our next events. Download here the details of the talks and speakers, or just browse our itineray below.

Click on the presentations’ titles to see the slides (when available).

9:00 Openings and Dr. Hélène Cazes, UVic, Introduction: A Golden Age?
9:20 Dr. Shamma Boyarin, UVic, What is it “Al” about: al-Andalus, the Alhambra and Algebra.
11:00 Keynote address: Dr. Dwight F. Reynolds, University of California, Santa Barbara, Conduits of Courtly Culture: Traffic and Trade in Music and Musicians in Medieval Iberia
2:00 Dr. Margaret Anne Cameron, UVic, When Aristotle Came To al -Andalus
3:15 Dr. Catherine Harding, UVic, Learning from al-Andalus: King Alfonso X of Castile and the 13th-Century Renaissance


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