Annual Workshop – Medieval Medicine

30th Annual Workshop – Medieval Medicine         Date: Saturday, Feb. 4th, 2017

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.40.37 PMBoth a science and an art, medicine is a hot topic in the Middle Ages: inherited from Antiquity, transferred from other cultures and countries, medical knowledge is the “physics” of the physicians (an expertise on natural laws and elements) and the practice of healing through the restoration of a natural balance. Ultimately, representations of the body and definitions of health illuminate the profound union perceived between the nature and the human nature.

Programme and schedule

Time  Session
9:00 Dean Chris Goto-Jones (Humanities), Acting Dean Richard Rush (Continuing Studies),  Associate Dean Margaret Cameron (Humanities), UVic : Opening Remarks
9:15 Hélène Cazes, Medieval Studies and French, UVic
The Four Seasons of Medieval Medicine
10:00 Mitch Hammond, History, UVic
The Black Death: New Approaches to an Old Catastrophe
10:45 Library Presentation and Refreshment Break
11:30 Keynote Speaker: Faith Wallis, History of Medicine, McGill
The Medical World of Master Bartholomaeus: Theories, Therapies, and the Renaissance of teh Twelfth Century
12:30 Lunch Break
1:00 Student Research and Poster Fair
1:30 Concert by the Banquo Folk Ensemble
2:30 Mini-break – No refreshments
2:50 Jamie Kemp, Adjunct Professor for Medieval Studies, UVic
Diagnosing Hildegard: The Medicalization of the Mystic Visions
3:30 Marcus Milwright, Art History and Visual Studies, UVic
The True Balsam of Matarea, Panacea of the Medieval World
4:30 Closing Remarks

Faculty Coordinator

Hélène Cazes, PhD, Director, Medieval Studies Program, UVic