MEDI 2016-2017!


February 4, 2017 :30th Annual Workshop – Medieval Medicine

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.40.37 PMBoth a science and an art, medicine is a hot topic in the Middle Ages: inherited from Antiquity, transferred from other cultures and countries, universal in its categories and relevance but individual in its practice and diagnostication, medical knowledge is the “physics” of the physicians (an expertise on natural laws and elements) and the practice of healing through the restoration of a natural balance.  The workshop will emphasize the many faces of medicine:  science, magic, religion, philosophy, psychology, art and society, etc.  (Image Wiki Commons, European depiction of the Persian physician Rhazes, in Gerard of Cremona’s Recueil des traités de médecine, 1250-1260.)

imageposter24-25 February 2017:  Imagining Medicine before 1660Our very own Mardinalia student conference, with a research poster fair and a general invitation for performances and creative presentations! Please download here our call for papers, posters, creations and performances! Students from all disciplines and community members from all historical / creative societies are welcome to submit contributions to mardi [at] before December 15, 2016. Image: Diagram of the Eye, Sloane 981, f. 68 (© The British Library))
Perindens Tree Samll11 March 2017 (Ideafest): Medieval Minutes
Students, profs, manuscript lovers and amateurs share their passion for medieval manuscripts, books on the table in the Special Collections of the McPherson Library. Research posters and short 3 minute presentations are welcome: contact for more information. Medieval Minutes have gathered the medieval community of Victoria around manuscripts since 2014. This event is free open to all.
Please check the MEDI website and for more information to come. (Image Wiki Commons, Aberdeen Bestiary (Aberdeen University Library, Univ Lib. MS 24,  12th-century English)

Letter MMarch 31, 2017, 2-8pm HHB

This event is a free gathering of artists, amateurs, students, and researchers interested in the Middle Ages. Organized as a series of mini-events, such as workshops, papers, demonstrations and shows, it is open to all and to all ages. A poster fair will showcase the course projects of the year. Please check the MEDI website and for more information to come.


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