Poster/CFP Image Ideas

Use this thread to discuss ideas on what image we would like to use for the CFP/Posters for the conference. I believe comments are enabled, so just leave a URL or embed the image into a reply.

Here is my suggestion on Alexander in his diving bell.

Royal 15 E.VI, f.20v

There are several versions of the image we could choose from, including a really neat Islamic one. It’s 16th century however, so it may be a bit outside our Medieval time frame.



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Aspiring archaeologist, likely miner, and certain procrastinator.
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2 Responses to Poster/CFP Image Ideas

  1. locust22014 says:

    These are great! I prefer the first one for the poster, because it’s less “busy”, has a rather charming quality, and fits better within out time frame.

  2. I really like the travels in a barrel… Merci!

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