New List of Jobs and Selection Criteria

I realize that this very late but here is the list of jobs I have from the past two meetings. I’m worried I have missed a couple of changes so please let me know if there is something here that is not correct.

Treasurer-Fran Cudlipp
Funding applications- Josef, Fran, Deryck
UVSS liaison- Josef Methot
GSS liaison- Deryck Harry
Twitter Communications- Aidan
Secretary/ Recorderer- Bailey Arnholz
Logo/Poster Stationary- Molly Trepanier and Aimee Shold
Coordinator for the reception and acknowledgment of proposals, their selection and letters of acceptance or refusal- Aimee Shold and Fran Cudlipp
Circulation of the call for papers and publicity of the event- Sophie Boucher and Josef Methot
Program Director- Amanda Funk
Paper Selection- Bailey Arnholz, Sophie, Josef, Elsie
Photographs and Press Contacts- Deryck Harry
Contact for additional information- Sophie Boucher
Blog Maintenance- Bailey Arnholz
Hospitality- Aimee and Molly

I promise the informations from our next meeting will be posted in a more timely manner! See everyone Tuesday!


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