Our next Meeting : Sept 23, 16:30, Cle C 109

What a great launch of the year! Thank you for coming in numbers and commitment! I cannot wait for the upcoming Tuesday, when we draw together the Call for Papers.

Please bring your ideas for 1 Criteria of selection 2 Consistent (with the criteria) Wording for the call for papers. It should be concise and open to all kinds of proposals.

We now have a room: Cle C 109 for our Tuesday evenings. We also have a topic for the March 6-7, 2015 student conference: Voyages and Journeys in the Medieval and Renaissance Worlds. (We may wish to keep only Journeys Through the Medieval and Renaissance Worlds…)

We have a conference team for the first steps: let me know if I forgot someone or something, if I wrote down something wrong etc.

Sadie Jenkinson: Conference Head
Sadie Jenkinson, Bailey Arnolz, Molly Trepanier, Deryck Harry: Conference Executive
Fran Cudlipp: Treasurer
Josef Methot: UVSS liaison
Deryck Harry: GSS liaison
Aiden (?): Twitter communications
Bailey Arnolz: Secretary  and Recorder
Molly Trepanier: logo, poster, stationery
Aimee Shold: Coordinator for the reception/acknoledgements of proposals, their selection and the letters of acceptations/refusals
Sophie Boucher, Josef Methot: circulation of the Call for Papers, Publicity for the Conference (Uvic, Canada, and abroad)
Amanda Funk: Program Director (organization into panels)
Papers Selection: Aimee Shold, Bailey
Deryck Harry: Photographs and Press Contacts

Post your suggestions, corrections, and ideas!



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2 Responses to Our next Meeting : Sept 23, 16:30, Cle C 109

  1. locust22014 says:

    Dear Helene:

    I think the 20th is a Saturday?

    Much love, Fran

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