Welcome to Mardinalia

The seminar “Mardinalia” invites researchers, instructors, students, and members of the community at large to explore, research, and share medieval topics. All are welcome!

The group meets regularly for informal presentations and discussions about research methods and research projects pursued at the University of Victoria. It will work in close collaboration with medieval Course Union of the University of Victoria. Anyone interested in becoming a member of this group — whether to present, attend all sessions, or attend when the topic is of particular interest — should send an e-mail message to the blog contact. The  annual program and other information will be posted on this page. Past and future events organized are presented on the page Events.

Please share this information and invitation with your friends. Send us your announcements.


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One Response to Welcome to Mardinalia

  1. locust22014 says:

    Once we have finalised the various letters and email messages in connection with soliciting presentations, responding to replies, and the conference in general, it might be helpful to post copies on the site, for next year’s Mardinalians, so that they don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”. We could also post lists of contacts (eg for soliciting funding).

    I would be happy to take this on.


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